Keri Johnson

Counselor, PhD, LMHC, CDWF, E-RYT

Keri Johnson is a Jivamukti Yoga® teacher, mental health counselor, and entrepreneur.She began practicing yoga in her early teens, and it has been a life-long love affair ever since! In her classes, Keri weaves together traditional yoga philosophy with devotion, Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness, invitational language, uplifting music, and dynamic sequencing. Her goal is to inspire students to connect to the present moment through their breath, while mindfully honoring the wisdom of their body in a joyful and supportive way, providing students with a heart-opening and refreshing experience. Her classes are great for those who are looking for an opportunity to turn inward, be guided by their breath, and trust the inner wisdom of their body as they play and flow through well-rounded and robust asana practice. Keri humbly bows down to the lotus feet of her teachers for offering the ancient teachings of yoga, while inspiring her to share them with all willing individuals. Keri welcomes all practitioners to come and share the Sacredness of Yoga.