Full Tuition (due upon completion of training): $3400

$300.00 off of tuition if paid in full by july 12th, 2019

Custom Payment Plans Available

If a payment plan would work best for you, contact Brandi today to discuss details.

Payments will be accepted by Wildflower Yoga via cash or check, with no interest or additional fees applied.

Wildflowers Yoga is accepting full payments via credit card in person or a one-time payment through Paypal. 

Credit Card Details: When paying tuition with a credit card or Paypal there will be a fee associated. This fee will be added to the full, original tuition of the training.

The fee for in-person credit cards is 2.75% ($93.50) and Paypal is 2.9% ($98.60.)

Need a little assistance?

Paypal has a credit card option that offers zero interest, if paid in full in 6 months from purchase.

FOUR Scholarships will be awarded for this 2019-2020 training, each for $300 off of enrollment.

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