Wildflowers Yoga 300 hr teacher training application

We need to know a little more about you. Please take your time to fill this out with as much detail as you would like to provide.

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Best contact phone number
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Date of Application
I acknowledge that I have answered the above questions honestly and completely. I acknowledge that I will be contacted for a phone interview for clarification and further details. Attendance Agreement: I understand that once I am accepted into this teacher training 100% attendance is required. I understand that if I will miss any training sessions, outside of the class-agreed upon one-day-date, I will contact the Lead Teacher immediately and schedule make up sessions at $80 an hour or $800 in order to complete and receive teaching certification. I understand that if I miss any training sessions without contacting the Lead Teacher I may be asked to leave the Training without a refund and will not receive certification. I have read and understand Wildflowers Yoga’s Teacher Training Program attendance agreement. I understand that at time of acceptance to this training a deposit payment is due, and that full tuition is due by last date of training.